Ashwin by Kit Rocha

It’s here! The first book in Kit Rocha’s Gideon Riders series. Now if you have read Kit Rocha’s Beyond series which follows Sector Four you probably already know what your in for. But I am going to give a little warning just in case you stumbled along this review by accident. This is an erotic […]

Line Brawl by Bianca Sommerland

***BEWARE! This review will contain spoilers*** I was desperate for Easy and White’s book since they were first introduced, now that I have it I have read it twice and I still want more! It was fabulous! Justina was the perfect match for them! She was probably the best surprise of this book. I loved […]

Beyond Ecstasy by Kit Rocha

They did it again! I should really stop being so surprised but the level of satisfaction I feel after finishing a Beyond book is always so good even tainted by my want for the next one. Add onto the fact that this is the second last book of the series and well I don’t have […]